Sunday, 5 February 2012

And here we begin...

How to approach this first entry...I'll break it down simply into the five W's and approach it from the point of view of "someone who's stumbled upon this blog".

I'm an interior designer, wife & mother recently transplanted from the city to a rural coastal home. We moved in the spring of 2011, with our baby boy, from a condo to a house! With an ocean view! We had to move far from the city to afford it but we own a house! And it may not be ocean front property but we love our "ocean view from across the street". We don't even notice the power lines cutting across our vista anymore.

This blog will be mainly about the design changes made to our house. Our home may only be 17 years old but words can't explain how much work this place needs (as will be evident from future images to be added).....its not necessarily offensive to most people (other than me), just really, really, really boring & blah. I will post pictures, sketches, renderings, plans & details of changes we make and  my future design ideas for the "big renovation" (which isn't anywhere near our immediate future). I might also post occasionally about other design projects I'm working on and anything I find particularly interesting or inspiring.

Vancouver island, BC, Canada

My plan is start small & address the house one room at a time. I've got a schedule in mind, flexible of course, but a schedule none the less. Projects for clients will take precedence over our little place so things will shift as I go along, but I plan on working my ass off to get this house in a better state.

Finding a way to show family & friends, both near & far, what my future design plans for our home is what initially got me thinking about a blog. When I show people my house, as we go through each room, I'm constantly explaining my ideas & details for future design changes. I see their eyes glaze over and they just slowly nod their head or quietly mumble something along the lines of "oh, I see"...then I know that I've lost them. A picture or sketch is truly worth a thousand words. I need to show sketches, drawings & images since words never can fully convey a design concept/intent. We can't afford to do any major renovations for the next few years so I'm trying to 'spruce' each room up as much as I can with as little money. I'll also show what my design plans are for the future 'big renovation' of each space through plans, elevations, sketches, concept images & renderings.

That's what this blog is for.

I didn't know I was so wordy or liked to use quotations so much.

Hopefully I'll learn how to edit better.Soon.

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